Harassment is never OK. If you know someone who has been affected by harassment, there are several ways in which you might be able to help them. 
  • Find a safe space. If an incident has just happened, try to find somewhere quiet, where they feel safe. 

  • Listen, believe and support them. Just letting them know that you care can help to open a conversation. Never pressure someone into making choices. 

Find out more
The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) provides further information on unlawful harassment. 

Report and support
  • Encourage them to report an incident using the Academy's Report + Support system. They can seek support from an advisor, who will talk through the options and support available, in confidence. Advisors can also talk to someone who is supporting that person. Alternatively, they (or you) can make an anonymous disclosure, which will allow us to investigate if there are multiple incidents in one area. 
  • Direct them to the mental health and wellbeing section of the Academy website and the Academy's Counselling Service
  •  In the 'Further information' section of these pages, there are links to other useful external resources, including out-of-hours services for students.
  • Take care of yourself. It can be upsetting to listen to someone in distress. The Academy's Counselling Service offers confidential help, can advise how best to support someone, and is open to both students and staff.

There are two ways you can tell us what happened