We recognise the value that specialist organisations provide for those affected by unacceptable behaviour, violence and harassment. Below is a list of specialist services that you or someone you are close to may wish to access.
  • The Havens are specialist centres in London for people who have been raped or sexually assaulted. For urgent advice and appointments, please call 020 3299 6900. 
  • Solace provides advice and support for women in London who are survivors of violence and abuse. 
  •  Survivors UK offers information, support and counselling for men who have been raped or sexually abused. 
  • Galop is an LGBTQ+ anti-violence charity. 
  •  Tell MAMA supports victims of anti-Muslim hate and is a public service that also measures and monitors anti-Muslim incidents.
  • Community Security Trust (CST) helps those who are victims of anti-Semitic hatred, harassment or bias.
  •  Mermaids has been helping gender-diverse children, young people and their families since 1995.
  • Changing Faces is the UK’s leading charity for everyone with a scar, mark or condition on their face or body that makes them look different.
  • Mencap is the leading voice of learning disability.
  • Deaf Plus is a charity working to encourage integration and equality between deaf and hearing people in all areas of life.

There are two ways you can tell us what happened