What to do if you're being bullied, harassed or stalked?

Personal safety

Your personal safety is the priority. If you are in immediate danger, feel threatened, frightened or unsafe contact the police as a priority.

In an emergency contact 999 or for non-emergency contact 101

If you have a hearing or speech impairment, use textphone service 18000 or text us on 999 if you’ve pre-registered with the emergencySMS service.

See our support articles for further information about:
Staying safe when travelling in London
Staying safe where you live

Seeking advice

If you are not in immediate danger, seek advice and support at the earliest stage.

You can contact us here through Report + Support.

The counselling team are also available and can be contacted on 020 7873 7303 (9am to 5pm) or by email counsellor@ram.ac.uk

You can also reach out to one of the external support services for guidance (see below for links).

Keeping a record

It's a good idea to keep a record of what has happened when it's fresh in your mind. For example you can:
  • Document some examples of the behaviours that are bothering you.
  • Save and/or screenshot messages, social media posts, emails or other digital evidence including any messaging/social media profiles, phone numbers or email addresses (don't delete the originals).
  • Keep a diary of incidents and record as much detail as you can about the incident at the earliest opportunity so you can provide this later if needed. You might do this by emailing yourself, keeping a written diary, keeping a note on your phone (although make sure it's also regularly backed up to your computer or the cloud). 
  • Save audio or video recordings if you make any, and back them up.
  • Keep a record of things you have already done - for example, you may have asked someone to stop contacting you, blocked them or submitted a report to a social media company. 
  • Use 1471 on the phone to log telephone numbers if you don't recognise the caller.
  • Talk to people who you trust, this could be friends, family, staff, colleagues, support groups or counselling service.
External support

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust has published a guide to Students and personal safety to provide advice around accommodation, going out at night and travelling safely.

Citizen's Advice Bureau
National Bullying Helpline
Protection Against Stalking
Suzy Lamplugh Trust
Young Minds - guide to bullying for young people under 25.

There are two ways you can tell us what happened